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Our 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Primary Inspection

The proper carpet cleaning process always starts with a pre-inspection of the future work area. Our cleaners inspect particularly soiled areas, particularities of the carpet construction. At the end of this step you will get the full information about permanent staining.

bigstock-Mother-with-her-baby-at-home-12143537-300x200Step 2: Primary vacuum cleaning

If there is need, your floor carpeting will be pre-vacuumed in order to remove dry soil. This is an additional vacuuming, the main vacuum cleaning is provided during the carpet cleaning process.

Step 3: Furniture Moving

Such furniture as tables, chairs or sofas that hampers cleaning we will carefully move aside. Larger items such as beds, china cabinets, etc. won’t be moved unless specially requested (additional charges apply). If there is a need carpet/furniture will be protected after with disposable blocks or plastic tab to prevent staining (please leave them at least for 24 hrs).

Step 4: Primary Contamination Treatment and Pre-Spotting

We will mandatory pre-treat the most soiled areas with special products for the proper contamination removal during the cleaning.

Step 5: Primary agitating

In order to clean carpet in more efficient way at “Five Star Carpet Service” we treat it with a special carpet brush or floor scrubber before we start carpet cleaning.

Step 6: Extraction and Rinsing

The moment strong contamination is reduced we will thoroughly rinse your carpet fiber using modern hot water extraction technology. Due to the temperature and pressure control we only need to slightly wet your carpet just enough for the cleaning. The temperature can vary from 60 to 200 degrees. It depends on the type of the carpet material and soiling. In addition this step greatly improves air quality as all pollutants, allergens and dust mites are removed from your carpet.

Step 7: Neutralize

One of the most important steps is a neutralizing. We use only PH balanced cleaning and self-neutrolizing products that don’t leave sticky resedue and/or chemical after the usage during carpet cleaning.

Step 8: Post Spot Treatment

If after our cleaning some spots are still on the carpet, we treat them with special spots removing techniques. Note: Methods excludes permanent stains that were discovered during the pre-inspection.

Five Star Carpet Service carpet cleaning companyStep 9: Ultimate Carpet Protection (optional but recommended)

With Ultimate Carpet Protector you save your carpet beautiful and clean during the longer period of time.

Step 10: Fast Drying

If there is a need special air movers will be put in the room for the faster carpet or furniture drying.

(extra charges)

Step 11: Post Grooming  (optional)

Carpeting fiber is set up in a proper position for the fast drying. It can have even better appearance with the Ultimate Carpet Protector.

Step 12: Post Inspection

Post Inspection involves your participation in the carpet cleaning process – we give you the plastic booties so you can walk on the carpet and test the results of our work immediately to make sure we took the most care of your clean and healthy house.

Before The Carpet Cleaning…

We ask you to remove all breakables from the pieces of furniture that will be moved. If your carpet is covered with small items such as shoes, magazines, boxes please remove them too, if you want the carpet under them being cleaned.

Please, arrange small children and pets to be away from the cleaning area and our technicians.


After The Carpet Cleaning…

  • Pay attention while walking from the soft to hard surfaces! Floors might be slippery!
  • Keep children and pets off of the carpet during at least 5 hours after cleaning.
  • Leave furniture protection for the next 24 hours after the cleaning.