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They said carpet is uncleanable

When landlord wanna hold the deposit toward new carpet. Carpet cleaning estimates are always free with us so when we got a call from desperate customer, our usual answer is – “just give us a try”. Once arrived, we realized... read more

Limited Time Carpet Cleaning Special

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for reasonable price!!! $25 per room for basic steam cleaning (3 rooms minimum. up to 200 sq.ft per room) Deep Cleaning starts as low as $35 per room. We can make dirty carpets look... read more

Stairs carpet cleaning

Carpeted stair cleaning. In “Five Star Carpet Service” we spend extra time cleaning carpeted steps! Stairs are usually most used area in a house and when it comes to cleaning it might turn to a nightmare for homeowner. Have no... read more

Area Rugs cleaning

Area Rugs Cleaning Area Rugs became very popular “rich” home accessories since last century and still common all over the world. Rugs easily adds warm feelings to every room in Your house but the other side of the coin is... read more

Consumer’s Inside guide to Carpet cleaning

Dear Friend and Neighbor: The carpet cleaning industry is one of the few industries that isn’t regulated, and also has a very low barrier to access in that everyone can name themselves a “expert” without any foundation for that declare. … read more

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Time is here! Take a look at this checklist of all our favorite things to take care of with Spring Cleaning! When you are done give Gallery a call and we will finish the job for you with carpet, … read more

President’s Day Facts and Trivia

President’s Day, February 15th 2015 Here are some fun facts that you can share with your kids! President’s day is on George Washington’s birthday which is next Monday, February 15th. The day was created to honor George Washington, the first... read more

House Plants To Brighten Your Home Up This Spring

Spring is right around the corner and the weather has already started to turn. Here is a ton of fun information about keeping plants in your home. This post will be mostly photos! We collected this information via our Pinterest … read more