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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia area.

We use those cleaning products that don’t contain soap, toxic components or VOCs. They are odor free, don’t provoke allergy and naturally colorless.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Taking care of all existing soft flooring surfaces

Five Star Carpet Service provides ultimate residential carpet cleaning service. Our residential customers are main priority for us regardless of their income or cleaning needs. We always carry hypoallergenic “GREEN” products that safe for kids and animals on our trucks to satisfy any needs and consurns of our clients.

Give us a try and we will work hard to get your trust – Five Star Carpet Service,  professional carpet cleaners with state of the art equipment.  15+ years of experience helps our guys to handle any of residential carpet cleaning needs.


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Our Goals:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Fresh, clean appearance of carpet
  • Carpet protection available
  • Reduce allergy and odors

Carpet Cleaning Packages

All cleaned spots stay clean. We guarantee it the moment you choose one of our specially created cleaning packages. There is no need to spend enormous sums of money on the carpets cleaning, all you need to do is to choose the most appropriate package for your needs.


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Efficient Allergy Relief

You’ll breathe better the moment we start carpet cleaning.

On the top of the list of allergic diseases causes we find dust mites and pet allergens. Five Star Carpet Service poses as one of the main goals the decrease of dust mite and pet allergen levels in your home. Our Allergy Relief solution alters allergen proteins. Due to this alteration they become unrecognizable by humans body and as result they can’t provoke allergic reaction. After the entire house cleaning using this new technology you will feel a great health improvement within the first three days. Moreover, this Allergy Relief effect will last up to 6 months. For the Allergy Relief solution we, Five Star Carpet Service, use only odorless and benzyl benzoate, miticides and pesticides free cleaning products, which are safe to use around people with allergy.

Call us and improve your life quality with our Allergy Relief method today!  

Commercial Cleaning

Taking care of all existing soft flooring surfaces

Five Star Carpet Service provides not only residential but also commercial cleaning service. Among our clients you can find office buildings, stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and other public buildings. Commercial customers expect cleaning company to provide high quality cleaning of all existing flooring surfaces. Five Star Carpet Service cleaners are real professionals with proper equipment. Thanks to their experience, our cleaner can handle any of flooring surfaces both on small and large scale. Whether you need a one-time commercial cleaning or you want to sign on-going cleaning contract it is worth to consider Five Star Carpet Service on the first place.

Encapsulation Technology (ET):

Encapsulation is a perfect combination of the best of physics and chemistry. Encapsulation – the best decision for the buildings with in high-traffic with the need of the regular soft surfaces cleaning. We guarantee that you will be impressed by the long lasting results.

The concept of the encapsulation technology:

First of all we treat all the physical and oil spots on your carpet with the special emulsion. Emulsion encapsulates each molecule of contaminants within the acrylic-polymer barrier. It prevents the deep attachment of contaminant into the fibers of the carpeting surface. Thanks to this technology the carpets original look and fiber orientation can be return immediately and keep this state not only just after cleaning but the whole time between cleanings. We assume that encapsulation technique is the best solution for the commercial cleaning of polyester and nylon carpeting surfaces.

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Our Goals:

  • Reduce down time between carpet cleanings
  • Find the best solution according to your budget and cleaning needs
  • Protect your investments by extending your flooring surfaces life.
  • Reduce allergy and overall level of contamination.

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