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Carpet Stretching and Repair

Carpet_repair3Carpet Repair is 80% professionalism and only 20% utensils

Most of the carpets cleaning service companies don’t offer the service of the carpet repair. It demands a lot of knowledge and proper technique to repair a carpet unlike the carpet cleaning that can be much more easily performed. Five Star Carpet Service technicians are qualified professionals on the field of carpet repair and stretching. Carpet is one of the largest home investments, so it’s sure you want to properly take care of your investment and repair it if you want to extend your carpet’s life span. Our repair and stretching service is created to keep your carpets beautiful through the years.

Cases when Five Star Carper Service’s professionals can repair your carpet:

  • Open or raveled seams
  • Pulled fiber or missing knots
  • Melted or burnt areas
  • Apparition of ripples, wrinkles and buckles
In Five Star Carpet Service we know that beauty of carpets depend not only on regular and proper cleaning but also on taking care of the carpets foundation. Our professionals perfectly repair all hideous imperfections.
Carpet Stretching – Five Star Carpet Service will re-stretch buckling parts of carpet or those coming loose. Such changes happens because of the inaccurate installation, time or mechanical damages. Our professionals use hi-tech carpet stretchers along with traditional knee-kickers to make sure Your carpet will stay tight for years. We provide a written guarantee at least for a 3 years on all stretching jobs.
Patching – Great solution in order to get rid of permanent stains, which are impossible to remove the same way as burnt or bleached spots. We offer you two options – replace or repair permanent stain area using special equipment and proper techniques.
Tacking – One of our goals is to prevent you tripping over open seams and avoid carpet tearing thanks to our tacking option. If you choose this service, we tack carpet back down in areas where it came loose.
Fix Seams – Problem with seams is the most common among carpet owners. Your seams are lifted or frayed, or they are just too noticeable – we can help you and re-seam this area in order to avoid tripping and extend your carpet’s life span. Thanks to our professional techniques and modern tools we can guarantee that your seams will be good looking during the long time. We can properly treat any kind of carpet damage. With Five Star Carpet Service even the most rickety carpet can be returned into the great condition!


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