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Green (Eco-friendly) Cleaning


Five Star Carpet Service uses water softener during the cleaning in order to keep your carpet soft and residue-free. Choosing our safe for the environment, odorless and toxic-free solutions you not only protects the future of our planet but you also free air in your home from dangerous chemicals. With our eco-friendly (hypoallergenic) carpet cleaning we use only 70% of the water that used during the normal steam-carpet cleaning process. During this natural cleaning we use only solutions that are safe for the environment and your family: they don’t provoke allergy, do not contain any dangerous substances, phosphates or any soaps or detergents. All ingredients of our cleaning products are copied from the nature and they are all on the list of the chemicals Generally Recognized as Safe. After all, we rinse the carpet so there’s no specific residue left after the cleaning, so your kids and pets are totally safe while playing on the cleaned carpet. As all our products are odor and chemicals-free they reduce air-pollution and do not provoke breathing problems.

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