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Our Special Packages & Prices


There is no need in spending a great amount of money on carpet cleaning but you need make sure You Getting BEST VALUE for Your Money by choosing one of our packages that perfectly suits your needs.




  • State-Of-The-Art Cleaning Equipment: The most powerful carpet cleaning tools on the modern market.
  • Primary Inspection: Our technitian accurately inspect soiled areas and carpet construction. Then he provides you with the full information about permanent staining.
  • Pre-Condition & Pre-Spotting: Extremely soiled areas are pre-treated with special products for the total removal during the cleaning.
  • Pre-scrubbing: Special carpet floor scrubber with stiff brush is used over carpeting flooring for the better results.
  • Extract & Rinse: The carpet is cleaned with hot water extraction technology. Such approach also improves air quality as all pollutants and allergens are removed.
  • Post Spot Treatment: Powerful treatment of the deep stains with the special spots removing techniques.
    (Note: Stains defined as permanent during the primary inspection will actually stay even after the most thorough cleaning.)
  • Post Inspection: Please walk through your home or business to inspect our work. Let us know that you are thoroughly pleased by signing our service invoice.
  • Plastic Booties: Put them on your shoes to protect your freshly cleaned carpet, while you are inspecting it.



$50 PER ROOM (up to 250 sq.ft.)

$20 PER HALLWAY (up to 100 sq.ft.)




  • PROMOTION 50% discount on the carpet cleaning in 6 month!
  • PROMOTION Newsteller Subscription – find out quickly about our new promotions.
  • FREE Access any time of the day and night to our online Spotting Guide.
  • FREE Cleaning Reminder Service.
  • FREE Plastic booties (For the perfect carpet inspection).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Attention: Carpets without special protection wear out quicker, stain more frequently and soil fast. If you want to avoid such results we recommend you to apply special carpet protection after each deep cleaning.