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carpeted_steps_cleaningCarpeted stair cleaning.

In “Five Star Carpet Service” we spend extra time cleaning carpeted steps! Stairs are usually most used area in a house and when it comes to cleaning it might turn to a nightmare for homeowner. Have no worries and let us do it for You professionally! Our technicians will get your carpeted steps to the best possible shape by cleaning, using our most thorough carpet cleaning method and safest cleaning solutions that really works.

What is the best carpeted stairs cleaning method?

Stairs requires more attention than wall-to-wall carpet during professional cleaning. Most dirt and dust accumulates on the edges of each step and to get it out whoever cleans it must literally get on his/her knees and scrub it by hands.  Nothing is better than old good hand wash, isn’t it? Surely, all those pre-sprays, super-duper powerfull machines will help. But nothing will beat old school hand scrubbing your carpet on stairs prior to cleaning.

In our company we treat every carpet like we own it. So if You looking for a best possible carpeted stairs cleaning – don’t hasitate and call “Five Staarpr Cet Service” right now.