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lets check how our carpet cleaning method will work here

When landlord wanna hold the deposit toward new carpet.

Carpet cleaning estimates are always free with us so when we got a call from desperate customer, our usual answer is – “just give us a try”. Once arrived, we realized that is an office of small auto body shop need to be cleaned. Carpet were looking pretty bad and there was an areas where it looked almost black, thats how greasy it was. Guys who called us out said two other carpet cleaning companies turned around after seeing the place.

We said – just give our 12-step carpet cleaning method a try.

Such a great expiriense – to try our unique 12-Step Deep Carpet Cleaning Method on a really bad carpet. After good vacuum we pre-sprayed carpet with booster added to regular mix. Agressive agitation with electric floor scrubber followed by enough dwelling time prior to rinsing – that’s the key in our thorough carpet cleaning method. Here is how it look like after nice scrubbing




First – we prespray whole carpet and let it work for about 7-10 mins.


Agressive agitation with carpet scrubber – thats another key for best result.

Can you see the difference?

Here we go. Now you can tell prespray and good agitation works well for carpet cleaning. Now is the time to rinse everything out!

The final step of our carpet cleaning method is a complete rinse. Our “GREEN” rinsing solution DOES NOT have any smell and DO NOT leave any resedue behind. On top of that it simply does a perfect job on cleaning and rinsing almost every type of carpet. As a result we can see this:


result of our most thorough carpet cleaning methos